The 2020 Markham Challenge is BEING RESCHEDULED DUE TO COVID19 at 9:30 AM. Race Meeting at 9:15 AM (Kids race starts at 8:30 AM.)

The Markham Challenge is a 20 miles (Juniors), 40 or 60 mile Solo and 60 mile Team relay mountain bike race. Teams may consist of up to 4 riders. 

Registration is online ONLY. Click here to register.

Packet Pickup will be at Mega Cycle, 1390 SW 160th Ave, Weston/Sunrise, FL.

Friday TBD Hours: 12pm-7pm

Saturday TBD Hours: 10am-5pm

Class designation is the last class you raced in during the past 5 years. Sport team no more than one Expert member. Base (Intermediate) team no more than one Sport member. Novice team no more than one Base (Intermediate) member. CO-ED teams must have one female.

*Solo categories may be combined if there are not at least 3 registered racers in a category.

Kids will race on the kid’s course 3 to 4 miles per lap at 8:30AM before the main race. Kids 6-8 will do one lap and Kids 9-11 will do two laps. Kids 3-5 will ride a fun ½ mile lap on the service road. Kids 3-5 are free and are not required to register.

Please support the Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails by entering the race, whether you ride one lap or more, your support of the trails is in your benefit. All proceeds go to the Markham Park Trail Building Fund, and will be used to build and maintain YOUR Markham Park Trail System.

Registration Closes at 5pm Saturday TBD, 2020.



60 Miles Solo Categories:

Men Expert (18-39), (40-49), (50+)

Men Sport (18-39), (40-49), (50+)

Women Expert

40 Mile Solo Categories:

Men Base (18-39), (40-49), (50+)

Men Novice (18-39), (40-49), (50+)

Men Clydesdale 220 lbs+

Women Base (18-39), (40+)

20 Mile Solo Junior Categories:

Junior M (12-14), (15-17)

Junior F (12-14), (15-17)

60 Mile Team Categories:

Team Expert 2-4 riders

Team Sport 2-4 riders

Team Base 2-4 riders

Team Novice 2-4 riders

Team Co-Ed Expert 2-4 riders

Team Co-Ed Base 2-4 riders

Team Female 2-4 riders

Youth Categories:

3-5: fun ride

Boys 6-8: 1 laps kid’s course

Girls 6-8: 1 laps kid’s course

Boys 9-11: 2 laps kid’s course

Girls 9-11: 2 laps kid’s course


Early Registration is $45 per adult racer until TBD.

$50 per adult racer from TBD.

$55 per adult racer from TBD.

Late Registration is $60 per adult racer on Sat TBD.

Junior Registration is $20.


Kids 6-11 registration is $10.

Kids 3-5 are free. No registration required.

***2020 race course to be determined***

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